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Who We Are

The SuitUp Movement!

Suit Up Ministries is a 501(c)3 organization with the Vision of

"Equipping Men For Victory"

The ministry's foundational Bible Verse is from Romans 13:12

"The night is almost over...

the dawn is almost here...

so put away the deeds of darkness

and put on the ARMOR of Light"



Springer's 34 years of experience in education includes 11 years of classroom teaching and coaching along with 23 years in administration. He has been the sponsor of FCA on three different school campuses. This background enables him to connect with teacher groups for in-services; student organizations for motivational programs and administrators for developing a mission statement. Springer, named the TASSP Region VI Secondary Principal of the year in 2005, has served as agraduation speaker; facilitated building wide goal-setting in-servicescoordinated programs that recognizes academic excellence; presented at various and addressed many student clubs and organizations. 


Presently Jeff serves as the Men's Minister and Discipleship Coach at a Church in Northeast Houston. Prior to his current role, Jeff served as a Senior Pastor, and was a member of the First United Church of Hempstead for ten years. During his ten years at Hempstead UMC, Local Pastor Springer served in various capacities such as Youth Director, Council on Ministries Board Chairman, Nominations Committee Member and as the church's Lay Leader


Springer is available to speak at all local organizations. As a keynote speaker, Springer has addressed groups from the Lions Club, the Boy Scouts of America and the Chamber of Commerce.

About Jeff Springer

JEFF SPRINGER, an educator for 35 years, is the founder of the G.O.A.L. TEAM (GETTING OTHERS TO ACHIEVE HIGHER LEVELS). The G.O.A.L. TEAM is a program directed at helping high school students and adults maximize their personal leadership potential.

In 2008, Jeff began a new ministry called “Suit Up Ministries” and is available to speak in person to various organizations, such as church groups, Lions Club, Rotary, athletic teams and schools.

Jeff attended Abilene Christian University where he played on the 1977 National Championship Football team, received his Bachelor of Arts in Teaching from Sam Houston State University and obtained his Masters of Sports Administration from the United States Sports Academy. Jeff, a former Texas High School Head Football Coachand eleven year veteran of the classroomis formerly the Principal at a Houston area  High School. Jeff currently serves as the Minister of Discipleship at a church in Northeast Houston as well.

Springer, who resides in Magnolia, Texashas been married for 36 years and has two children.

138 Sagestone Court, Montgomery, Tx. 77316

Humility is said to be the foundation of the spiritual edifice and inferior only to faith. However, humility is considered the first virtue inasmuch as it removes the obstacles to faith. It removes pride and makes a man subject to and a fit recipient of grace; according to the words of James, "God resists the proud, and gives his grace to the humble" (James 4:6).

"True humility" is distinctly different from "false humility", which consists of sacrificing one's own sanctity, gifts, talents, and accomplishments for the sake of receiving praise or adulation from another. In this context legitimate humility comprises the following behaviors and attitudes:

1. submission to God and legitimate authority;

2.  recognition of the virtues and talents that others possess, particularly those which surpass one's own, and giving due honor;

3. recognition of the limits of one's talents, ability, or authority; and, not reaching for that which is beyond one's grasp.

As illustrated in the person of Moses, who leads the nation of Hebrews out of slavery in Egypt and to the “Promised Land”, humility is a sign of Godly strength and purpose, not weakness. Of this great leader, the Bible states, “For Moses was a man exceeding meek above all men that dwelt upon earth", Numbers 12:3.

The biggest obstacle opposed to humility is “pride”.

To be the man God can truly we must first develop humility is all circumstances!

C'mon Men...Suit Up!

What Obedience is Not...

It is not slavery to God, or a loss of what is good for “me.” Obedience frees us from sin and offers the best that God has for us. True happiness is not based on what pleases us; rather, it is being in the center of God’s love and will. When we focus on Him, we see that with His Lordship comes more insights, resources, and privileges than we could ever understand. This gives us deeper, richer joy.

Obedience is not Willfulness, or having a strong-willed mindset; rather, it is our lining up with His precepts and call. Even in the Old Testament, God was more concerned with people’s trust and obedience than with their offerings and sacrifices. God delights in our obedience.

     1 Samuel 15:22:
22 Then Samuel said:
    Does the LORD take pleasure in burnt offerings and sacrifices
    as much as in obeying the LORD?
    Look: to obey is better than sacrifice,
    to pay attention [is better] than the fat of rams.

 Men…it is our self-surrender of our will so we become less in our spirit and more in His Spirit that God wants from you and me.

When we refuse to obey Him, we just sin and keep on sinning. When we have the maturity to change and grow for the better, seeking and following Him and not our pride or the world’s ways, we will become victorious. Our faith will be firm! We must listen to Him and remove anything that hinders purity in our faith and devotion to Christ.

God delights in our obedience. He does not demand it, nor is it required for our salvation. It is something we do because, as the hymn goes, “there is no other way!”  

Men…“get in the game”…Today is game day…and so is every day…God gives you!

So…C’mon men…Suit Up!

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