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Wednesday, March 13 2019
DADS...You Have Been Remade - Part 6
“New Spirit”
DADS…as I have shared the prior FIVE weeks, there are Six gifts that God has laid on my heart to 
share with “us over what is now the next three weeks. 
(Go back and read weeks 1-5 to catch up). 
Six gifts that God gives to us all freely to receive unconditionally daily.
In week 1we talked about the gift of a “New Song”God gives us. 
Week 2we shared God’s gift of a “New Self.
Week 3we read about the “New Covenant.”
Week 4 we learned about this “New Vision”God gives us in Acts!
Week 5 we receive a “New Start"
This week we acknowledge God’s gift of a “New Spirit.”
19 And I will give them one heart, and new spiritI will put within them. I will remove the them their heart of stoneand give them a heart of flesh,
Lets break verse 19 down and define the key words/phrases:
one heart...
a single heart to the honour and glory of God, and firmly attached to his word and worship
new spirit...
the Holy Spirit of God, the author of, regeneration and renovation
heart of stone
a heart hardened by sin...
heart of flesh...
a sensible and penitent one; a soft and tender one;
Read the words of the song "Change my heart oh God”  
written by Eddie Espinosa
Change my heart oh God
Make it ever true 
Change my heart oh God
May I be like You 
You are the potter
I am the clay
Mold me and make me 
This is what I pray 
Change my heart oh God
Make it ever true 
Change my heart oh God
May I be like You
The essence of Eddie’s song is a prayer asking God to change us, making our hearts “true,” and changing us into his own image.
Only God can change a heart…to be transformed.
When will you decide you have had enough? 
When will you accept God’s “New Spirit” and allow Him to change you?
DADs a Sixth gift God gives us Today and EVERY DAY is a “NEW SPIRIT
DADs...Today...You Have Been Remade!!
DADs…do not stand on the sidelines of life…
get off the bench…
“get in the game”…Today is game day…and so is every day…
God gives you!
So…C’mon DADs…Suit Up!
To follow the “Suit Up” Movement…
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