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Friday, September 29 2023


A few years ago, I was watching a NASCAR race on TV. 

After numerous cautions throughout the race it looked like there would be a clear winner. 

One driver had what seemed to be a sure victory as he extended his lead over the other drivers in the final laps.

But then suddenly on the final turn something happened, not slowing down he took the curve too wide and crashed into the wall allowing another driver to edge him out of the first-place finish.

DADs, how often have you been so close to a finish line in your life, a deadline at work, vacation plans for family, or great intentions to complete a task at home?

But for some reason we find ourselves distracted and just like the  NASCAR driver we take things a little too fast and causing us to fall short of the goal?

So DADs hear the good news!

Romans 3:23; “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

The question is then, knowing that we will sometimes fall short of the finish, will we have the humility to ask God to help us through today’s curves we may face? 

DADs…“get in the game”…

Today is game day…and so is every day…

God gives you! So…C’mon men…Suit Up!

Dr. Jeff Springer

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Friday, September 22 2023

I was once watching a NASCAR race on TV and after 400 hundred miles one of the drivers that had the lead on the last lap ran out of gas on the final lap allowing 

another to pass him for the victory.

Now being a fairly new fan of racing, I am still learning the strategies of the race. What I am finding out is that there are many adjustments to each drivers original start plan throughout the race.

Depending on how each driver handles different circumstances that he or she encounters during a race will often determine the final outcome.  

Many times the drivers that are able to finish and even win are the ones that take heed to listen to the instructions that they are given by their crew chief throughout the day. 

Deuteronomy 7:12

"If you listento and are careful to keep these ordinances, the LORD 

your God will keep His covenant loyalty with you, as He swore to your fathers.

Who or what is it your crew chief? Is your heavenly father trying to tell you something today?

Will you take heed or will you run out of gas not being able to finish the race?

DADs…“get in the game”…

Today is game day…and so is every day…

God gives you! 

So…C’mon DADs…Suit Up!

Dr. Jeff Springer

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Friday, September 15 2023


This week I am talking about the similarities of my new found 

obsession NASCAR and our life in general.

For example, just like in NASCAR, we often find ourselves on the FAST track going around and around at high speeds trying to win the human race. To ensure that we are able to keep going so we don’t run out of gas or blow a tire, we NEED to listen to the advice of our "crew chief" and make a pit stop!

DADs, the problem is we are sometimes the NASCAR driver that fails to heed direction and reluctant to trust the advice of others and our personal "crew chief", our Heavenly Father.

DADs, You see, to be in control of your race we must relinquish the wheel 

and allow God to be the real driver of our lives!        

Jeremiah 29:11:

“For I know the plans I have for you, this is the LORD's declaration—

"plans for your welfare, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

In all circumstances God, our Heavenly Father, knows best!


Where in your life do you need a pit stop to receive God’s plan for your race? 

 DADs…“get in the game”…Today is game day…and so is every day…

God gives you! So…C’mon DADs…Suit Up!

Dr. Jeff Springer

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Wednesday, September 06 2023


Recently, I caught the Nascar fever. 

For years I never understood the excitement of watching cars go around and around a track for 3 or 4 hours! But, after giving Nascar a real chance I have discovered that there is a lot more to this racing thing than meets the eye.

For instance, what other sport begins with a chaplain saying a prayer to God and His son Jesus Christ aired live for all those watching on TV to hear?

Talk about evangelism.

Now, I am not endorsing nor soliciting your support of Nascar, but I am celebrating the fact that a major spectator event that occurs 36 weekends a year on national networks. Nascar demonstrates its boldness and is not ashamed to give glory to our country’s Christian foundation and belief in Jesus.


In Philippians 1:20 Paul says;

My eager expectation and hope is that I will not be ashamed about anything, 

but that now as always, with all boldness,Christ will be highly 

honored in my body, whether by life or by death.

DADs, do not be ashamed, like Nascar, to show your boldness for Christ? 

Be eager to model your boldness for your kids and your family today!

DADS…“get in the game”…Today is game day…and so is every day…

God gives you! So…C’mon men…Suit Up!

Dr. Jeff Springer

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Friday, September 01 2023

DADs, how many times have you set your sights on a goal

only finding yourself falling short or missing the target?

How often have you prepared long & hard for a job interview only to receive 

a thanks but no thanks letter in the mail a week after the process?

How often has a loved one made a decision that caused hard ache to you or your family?

Disappointment is a part of life. 

A friend once told me that in the good times or in the bad times, 

the statement “this too shall pass” works in all situations. 

I don’t know about you but I don’t really find much comfort in that.

In Romans 8:28, I do find a more appropriate answer. Paul tells his disciples, 

“We know that all things work together for the good of those 

who love God: those who are called according to His purpose.”

In the midst of disappointment or failures it is hard to see God’s purpose but we must find the faith in the storm that is God’s will.

Even in dark circumstances will be eventually revealed.

Remembering that Paul places emphasis on His purpose versus ours allows us to pick up the pieces and persevere It is written in James 1:12, 

“blessed is the man who perseveres under trial; because when he has stood the test, 

he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those that love Him”.

DADs, trials, disappointments, failures; we all go through them.

God does not want us to waiver regardless of our conditions, instead God wants His DADs to continue to carry His banner. 

Be the men that love Him and always stand firm in Christ! 

DADs…“get in the game”…Today is game day…and so is every day…

God gives you! So…C’mon men…Suit Up!

Dr. Jeff Springer

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