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Wednesday, May 15 2019
I have always known this. 
God placed this on my heart long ago and we started Suit Up Ministries.
BUT…to see it in action always seals the deal and reinforces our vision! 
This past Tuesday…I had grandpa duty with granddaughter one…while granddaughter two was being born. My one responsibility…my mission...two words: TESSA KAY.
After a full day of practicing my "grandpa-ability"…we made it to the hospital that evening…to welcome Tessa Kay’s new baby sister Mia Rechelle!
Walking down the hall my son in law Josh was taking his new daughter to their new room with nurses and mommy close by. Well when Tessa Kay saw just a glimpse of her dad all the way down the hall…she starting calling out…”daddy…daddy”
When she saw daddy was busy for the moment Tessa Kay did not understand. All the way down the hall she continued calling out “daddy”…Tessa Kay was not going to be denied. 
She wanted her daddy and Josh heard her. He came out of the room and Tessa Kay ran into his embrace. She was safe and in her daddy’s arms once again. 
As you can imagine…my allergies flared up and I was again reminded that there is no substitute for a little child’s dad. 
I am so grateful that my daughter has a husband that not only loves her…(my precious little girl) but is the dad Tessa Kay and Mia needs!
But…then it hit me…right there in the hospital hallway…as it made me think of all those precious kids calling out for daddy and dad is nowhere to be seen!
Men we show up for sports...guys night out...hunting expeditions...we often try to relive our glory days in softball leagues...purchasing things thinking we will find happiness...but too many men and the statistics are real…fail to show up for our kids and family.
If you are a man that is a father…move to the next level and be the DAD. Better…than that... be the DAD WARRORWARE READY…RELENTLESS IOUR RESPONSIBILITIES! And what is the greatest RESPONSIBILITY of all? Being the DAD God has called us all to be! There is no substitute for a dad!
I pray for all dads to be the DAD God has called us to be and prayers of gratitude for the many mom’s that every day stand in the gap for their kids!
DADs…do not stand on the sidelines of life…
get off the bench…“get in the game”…Today is game day…and so is every day…God gives you!
So…C’mon DADs…Suit Up!
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