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Wednesday, January 29 2020

If you google obedience on the internet you will find many of the first 

page links deal with how to train your dog. You would have to look long and hard before you may run across an article that reflects a positive light on obedience as it pertains to our daily walk with Christ.

DADs, in this world to “obey” is not often the “norm” and sometimes has a connotation of weakness, and giving away our control to others. To obey goes against our instincts & inclinations.

To comply, submit or to be generally agreeable in the world that we work and live in communicates as a lack of strength or leadership.

But in truth DADs, to be obedient is to lead and will bring three basic benefits:  

Rescues us from self-destruction:

  • His will & not our will helps us see our sinful nature & instills in us a desire to not turn back…an “inward renovation”

Perseverance even in dire sufferings:

  • Focusing on Him & not our circumstances…we become enabled by His spirit. 

Aids in our interpersonal relationships:

  • When we focus on Him & what He has done for us we change from the inside out! 

This helps us recognize authority & direction from others! All three lead to Winning Situations!!

2 Chronicles 31:21: "He was diligent in every deed that he began in the service of God's temple, in the law and in the commandment, in order to seek his God, and he prospered."   

Are you ready to prosper?

Then DADs...start your obedience today!

DADs…“get in the game”…
Today is game day…and so is every day…
God gives you! So…C’mon men…Suit Up!


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